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Wynn Wood Tailors -- a review of their made to measure suit and crisp white dress shirt

As a Florida resident and tailoring aficionado, I am always looking for a good custom clothier in the Sunshine State. It will come as no surprise that Florida is not known for its tailored clothing but its sunny beaches, Gucci loafers, board shirts, bikinis, and blingy cars.

When people think of Florida, especially Miami, you think of half-naked Instagram models and hunky shirtless male models in board shorts showing off their chiseled six-pack abs.

A year ago, I found online (think it was on Instagram) an ad for Wynn Wood Tailors, a custom clothier based, as the name suggests, in the artsy neighborhood of Wynn Wood in Miami. I decided to give them a try.

The experience was wonderful and one of the best made-to-measure suits I have ever had commissioned. I selected a dark navy-blue fabric for the suit and commissioned a crisp white dress shirt. Below are some photos of the commission.

At the second fitting with the commissioned garment (there is one fitting in made-to-measure though the suit was based off a try-on garment for both the jacket and the trouser), there were only a few adjustments were needed. The jacket was brought in a bit in the waist and the trousers were tailored. The white dress shirt was spot-on and a great fit. I could not be happier with the result.

You can see from the photos that it was a well-done suit. It was not too loud or conservative. Just the right about of balance; it is the suit that I can wear out to the bar or in the boardroom. The entire process took only a couple of months.

While the house is slightly fashionable, the owners did a great job of accommodating my needs for a conservative-work-horse-board-room-style-suit.

If you are looking for a custom clothier in Miami, I would strongly recommend Wynn Wood Tailors.

PS I apologize for the pedestrian prose as well as the poorly done photos. I am slowly learning how to take better photos. Eventually, I want to hire a photographer to take the photos.

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