Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Idea's with Tim Bent...

As previously stated on my last post, December is going to be about detailing the best Christmas gifts on offer for gentlemen.  As also stated I have enlisted a number of creative and influential gents to also share what they think about Christmas gifts and their suggestions.  So to start the ball rolling I ask Mr. Tim Bent of Bentleys a beautiful Antiques shop on Walton Street, Knightsbridge all about his Christmas gift ideas.  If you are unfamiliar with Tim or the shop, check back on my feature earlier in the year here:
Tim Bent, Feb 2013 - Bentleys Antiques 
What present would you like to receive this Christmas?
A well-loved Land Rover Defender 90, low mileage, one careful owner from new. Nothing fancy, something I can throw the dog and kids in the back of and head for the hills (challenging in The Fens!)

What is your most valued sartorial possession?
I know that sartorial doesn’t usually apply to accessories but my Norfolk Hide attache case would be my most valued possession. It’s been my constant travelling companion for many years and just gets better and better. It was made in 1929 and is as good as the day it was made. We have similar cases available in the shop but I couldn’t replace this one, it has too many memories attached. 
What do you think makes a good gift idea for gent's this Christmas? 
A vintage briefcase or attache case. It’s often overlooked but makes as much of a statement as your watch or your cufflinks.

If you had to choose one thing from Bentleys for Christmas what would it be?
That’s an almost impossible question - I only buy things that I love. I’d be very happy to take home this beautiful crocodile skin clock that was made by Jaeger-LeCoultre in the 1930’s. The colour and condition are perfect and it possesses that perfect, understated Art Deco elegance.
A reason for asking Tim to take part in this feature is because I feel that buying an antique gift has something of a more special feeling associated with it, than buying something brand new.  Where it will hopefully, not be thrown away making something from Bentleys a timeless gift for someone special. 


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