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The Brand: 19-EIGHTY-2

For my next ‘The Brand’ feature I have chosen a new menswear bespoke tailoring brand called 19-EIGHTY-2. I’m always interested in finding out about new brands and this one does not disappoint as you will see from the photos below. So to gain a better insight into this new brand I’ve spoken to the creator to find out what 19-EIGHTY-2 has to offer for the modern gentleman.

So firstly, what’s the philosophy behind the 19-EIGHTY-2 brand?
19-EIGHTY-2’s philosophy is simple yet strong, it is built on British craftsmanship, style and quality cloth.

How did the name 19-EIGHTY-2 come about?
I’m sure you’ve guessed but 1982 is the year of my birth.

Why is a menswear label such an exciting thing to undertake?
Personally for me it’s the influence of my father’s stylish dress sense that created 19-EIGHTY-2, teamed up with the exciting work of British menswear designers such as E Tautz and Oliver Spencer, launching a menswear brand just made perfect sense.

What inspires you and the collection you create?
 I’m a very visual individual so when it comes to 19-EIGHTY-2 I’m inspired by the touch and feel of beautiful cloth; sketches usually come last to me as I concentrate on the cloth first.
I've always been motivated by creative artists and inspired by them, people like Tom Ford, Paul Klee, Ozwald Boateng are highly inspirational to me, they inspire me because when I see other people doing great things and inspiring others to do great, it makes me want to be a part of that.

Who would you say is the sort of guy that would wear 19-EIGHTY-2?
 A gentleman who appreciates and understands the art behind craftsmanship, the kind of gent who invests in an investment wardrobe that he hopes to one day pass on to his son(s).

I absolutely love the mustard double breasted blazer (pictured below), what was the inspiration behind this piece?
The cloth is highly inspired by my father, who has invested in a selection of the famous Scottish cloth Harris Tweed, I’m in love with the intensity of colours that make up this piece, from distance the eye only catches the brightness of the mustard, however the closer you get, you witness the beautiful dark and light brown shades that runs through the jacket. As for the style I think a double breasted jacket is the essence of Britain’s autumn and winter.

What do you feel could differentiate you from other tailoring companies in the UK?
19-EIGHTY-2 intends to build on existing British tailor’s great craftsmanship to develop collections and orders allowing me to overcome any design obstacles by using their expertise in the tailoring business.

 So 19-EIGHTY-2 is a luxury gentleman’s brand, do you cover just suiting or do you offer all forms of attire?
As 19-EIGHTY-2 was recently launched, I have decided to focus on suiting, however as I provide a bespoke service too, this may change in the near future.

 You talk about British craftsmanship, are all your suits produced in the UK?
19-EIGHTY-2 is a British brand, and is only produced by British tailors. I believe British tailors have a great deal of skill that needs to be used by British designers.

Where can I currently go and buy your clothes from?
As 19-EIGHTY-2 is available on strict distribution, you can visit our website and request a fitting appointment, we currently have appointments available in Liverpool and London.

Are you currently working on anything exciting?
Yes, I’m currently in the middle of completing the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, and planning its photoshoot. This part is definitely my favourite as I can be creative as I like.

What does the word ‘Luxury’ means to you?
Luxury to me is when something is created by a skilled hand for one individual, where time is not a deciding factor, in fact I believe the more time that is spent on the creation process, the more beautiful and luxurious the finished article will be.

Do you prefer Gentleman of Style or Fashion?
I would definitely say my preference lies with Gentlemen of Style as opposed to fashion, mainly as I’m a strong believer that fashion comes and goes. A Gentleman with style is a gent who knows what clothing best celebrates, his individuality.

 Do you consider that interest in suiting has grown with the emergence of hit TV shows such as Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire?
I think these TV shows might have added to the already existing passion for suits, I personally think designers such as Ozwald Boateng and Tom Ford have been a couple of the strongest influences, however I also believe that this interest has been sparked by  how men have started to appreciate and pay attention to tailored clothes and grooming, men also want to pay for the full experience as I believe a lot of men want to believe in the powers a suit can give a them, these men know that a well cut suit can only have a positive effect on the wearers confidence, therefore allowing them to express themselves much more easily.

Are there any future plans for the brand?
I’m currently fine tuning 19-EIGHTY-2 as a British brand; I’m especially interested in nurturing the bespoke tailoring side as I believe it’s a perfect way for a gent to express his personal style and character.

Any parting words or thoughts?
I think every gent should be aware of Hardy Amies famous quote… ‘A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and forgot all about them’.

The below photos show some of the garments from the AW11 collection, you can really appreciate the quality of cloth and craftsmanship throughout these photos. 19-EIGHTY-2 is a brand that is offering beautiful unique and inspired pieces for the modern gentleman and therefore I wish 19-EIGHTY-2 the best of luck for the future.  

For more information on 19-EIGHTY-2 please visit:

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